Lithium sulphur for safe road electrification

LISA Project

Lisa Project

Lithium sulphur for safe road electrification

First Newsletter: Lithium Sulfur for Safe Road Electrification

LISA, standing for “Lithium sulphur for safe road electrification”, a research and development project, has been granted 7.9M€ by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme to develop a high energy and safe lithium-sulphur battery for cars. The consortium led by...

Consortium meeting in Ii (Finland) hosted by Pulsedeon

On the 18th and 19th of September, the LISA consortium met in Pulsedeon's facilities located in Ii (Finland). During these two days, the partners met for an internal discussion to present the progress made so far in each work package and the possible bottlenecks...

LISA roll-up is published!

The roll up of the project has been published and printed! It will be used during every events in which we participate and have to show our presence. It aim is to inform very fast to the audience what the project is about in general terms. Feel free to download it and...

LISA leaflet is published!

The first version of the LISA leaflet has been published! You can download it now and share it among all interested parties. It explains in eight small pages the essential of LISA project. Click here to download it: Leaflet LISA

  1. Develop high energy and safe Lithium sulfur (LiS) battery cells.
  2. Solve specific problems of LiS batteries developed by ALISE such as the power rate and the volumetric energy density.
  3. Assess the technology’s sustainability from an environmental and economic perspective.